My love for historically banned books – Looking into the Bible!

Okay, I will admit that there is much to consider in my personal love for literature and writing, especially with the many risque and morally challenging topics that I enjoy researching… including my upcoming graduation capstone.

So, there is one key topic about the most frequently banned book in history. Interestingly enough, it is the Bible, especially the New Testament. During the first three centuries of Christianity, when there were ten different persecutions throughout the Roman Empire, simply owning a copy of one of the books of the New Testament was a capital offense.

Now, I think more and more about this and my love for banned books (primarily fiction), and the fact that I am not a large fan of religion or the Bible in general. Now, during my undergraduate years, I did enjoy a class that included the reading and study of the Oxford Study Bible, which was used as more of a historical and literary reference than a hardcore reference or belief in the tale of human life. It is much more believable that chapters or stories presented in the Bible were written from the perspectives of different characters throughout human history, though it is likely that they were from different locations and not necessarily chronologically or impeccably accurate.

It’s hard to believe that many of the facts in stories like Noah’s Ark and some floods and other stories are more along the lines of creative nonfiction, being made to match the experiences of certain people throughout those time periods rather than literal stories.

So, what Books of the Bible would all of you like to learn more about?

I know there is plenty to learn about what may have been true within those stories, what may be been created or developed, and what was intended for education or expanded belief.

Are there are any Books of the Bible that you would like to see me research a little further and provide some research about here in my blog? I know that it would be interesting, but there are so many that I would like to know what you would like to learn before I dive into it full force.

So, get back to me with your interests in this topic!

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