The Life of a Copywriter… Experiencing my Own Business!

Have you ever thought about starting your own business? Or at least about following your own career dream and not the one that was shoved down your throat as a child?

Well, that is what I have looked for in myself for years, especially when it comes to writing. So, there has to be so much to find out about and a lot to learn about writing when it comes to starting a business. I know that I don’t expect to be a CEO or executive, but I have to be able to sell myself to clients and manage the essentials of a business in order to do the writing part of my work on my own as well.

Luckily, with the courage and bravery that it took to launch out on those steps alone, I have been able to wake up with a smile on my face every morning knowing that I want to do everything that I already have in my hand. My office is right here in my house every day, and I have the ability to seek out all of my work on my own and I am my own boss.


While about 75% of my time and money have been invested in the business part of what I refer to as “Sara McIntosh Freelance Copywriting,” I also spend a great deal of thought and time writing everything that I want to share with the rest of the world. I must admit that I have been proud of myself over the past few years where I have been working on this, and I have been investing in my Master’s Degree as well, all so that I have the education and experience that makes me a businesswoman and knowledgeable writer as well. I must say “WOW” to myself or at least think it all the time.

However, one of the most important things to admit is that I love all of this so very much. No matter what happens I have followed my childhood dream of becoming a writer of every kind. I have written different novels that have been self-published along with all of these blog posts and thousands of pieces for other clients as well. And, I LOVE IT!

I admit that I am happier than I have been at almost any other point in my life. It’s an extremely happy fear that I still have. However, there is such a part of me that feels so very strongly that everything will take a wonderful successful turn in the end. It’s like being that kid who starts playing football as a high school freshman with the belief that he will receive a college scholarship to Alabama (my favorite team!), followed by a first-round bid to the NFL. It’s like there is no other word in my head than “win!”

And, do you know what else is so amazing? At my networking events, groups and meetings, it is so wonderful to meet other people who have this crazy over-expectant spirit that I do. It’s like we are a passionately hard-working population, and with the gig economy taking over the world there is so much more to be seen from what this will have to offer in the future!

All I can say to everyone is FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!

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