Can the Coronavirus overcome American politics?

So, you are likely aware of the division that exists throughout the American government and basically the entire nation at this point. One thing that recently occurred to me as I listened to Trump speak to the nation about Coronavirus was that passing a bill about COVID-19 was delayed because he didn’t receive the content that he wanted from Democrats.

Really? Is it that important at this point to receive more of an offer from Democrats that he wants than to pass a bill that will help prevent this horrid pandemic? He won’t even admit to what those items are that he wants to see from the Democrats!

I continue to use more and more exclamation points as I write about this topic, as the heat builds up in my core. More and more anger, and even though I have never been one to agree with Trump this is one situation where I believe more than ever that he is the most selfish and impossible walking penis of a man in existence. That is likely a completely immature statement to make about the president of our nation, but he does not act or speak like a leader. He is still a corporate leader who is trying to get the most benefits for himself.

Trump just wants to be vague, and make the appearance of this virus not being a real thing. As if the COVID-19 virus is something that is not his responsibility to deal with as the leader of our nation, especially when it was seen as early as January here in the United States.

It is just so difficult to see a man who remains so selfish and impossible when it comes to presenting truth to the media and the people. Just randomly placing everything on the shoulders of everyone else, the president doesn’t even account the fact that this is a real thing that exists within his own life, especially considering all of the people he meets every day. With all of the recommendations that are provided to the American people about avoiding handshakes, on public television the president continues to shake hands in front of the camera as if he has a right to be blase about his own health and wellness. Completely ridiculous.

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