Coronavirus: Are facts available?

Well, I just finished watching a bit sketchy update given by our president who is supposed to be leading this nation through a pandemic. However, he seems to continue pushing blame on other people and locations for the entry of this disease into our country, without addressing or owning up to any of his own communications and actions in any way.

As it seems to be most often on Twitter, the spread of COVID-19 is the fault of the Obama administration and the Democrats. There is nothing better that could have been done here in the United States over the past 6 weeks to help prevent or at least reduce the chaotic environment that we are now in.

So, why is this sort of leadership allowed to continue? What is the best thing we can do to move forward away from this? Well… I would say that after we come together as a nation to overcome the virus that our current president has allowed into our nation thoughtlessly, it is time to come together as Americans in an effort to get him out of the White House in November.

I know that my own state has a Democratic primary vote coming this week, and many other states have already moved forward, but it is nice to see the fact that Biden and Sanders are coming together on one point, “Goodbye to Trump.”

With this current pandemic at nipping at the heels of the American people, challenging out health, income, and every point of our lives, there is a need to bring in a president who is willing to lead both the government and the country with the benefit of the American people in mind. Let’s forget about the stock market for a moment, the economy is not so important, but we need to make sure that as many Americans as possible remain healthy, and that we are able to save the lives of anyone who may contract the virus.

I know this sounds political… but there is so much about this topic that comes to mind for me and makes me think that our government needs to break the divide it has taken on over the past few years and beat the battle of COVID-19. Trust me, you may hear a little more from me on a political front in relation to this topic, but it’s only because I feel so strongly about it. So, I’d LOVE to hear your comments as well!

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