COVID-19 (Coronavirus): Have we entered panic mode in the United States?

Okay, I will admit that I tend to be a fairly casual-minded person, and I try not to freak out when things like this happen. This is definitely something that has the potential to be extremely dangerous to everyone across our nation in some way, shape, or form, but is it really necessary to go and buy every roll of toilet paper in the grocery store so that no one else has the ability to re-stock their own bathroom?

I mean, really. In my composition class, I had a student yesterday mention how all of the bottled water at his local store was gone. Bottled water? Do people plan on bathing in it? We still have running water, and we have the ability to keep our homes clean and make sure that we keep ourselves healthy throughout this time.

Do people simply want to deny the precautionary measures that can keep them healthy? Will buying all of the toilet paper and paper towels in a store make up for not washing your hands on a regular basis? There are so many things to think about with the many different ways that you may respond to situations like this.

But, things to consider the need to be taking things in at a much more rational level. I don’t know why people aren’t thinking much more about healthy practices like handwashing and social distancing, avoiding large groups, staying home if they show mild symptoms and things like that.

Is social media playing a certain role in the chaotic response that many people are taking to the entrance of this virus to our country? Should we be worrying more about the ability of our health system to respond to all of the potential patients who could catch this disease? Should people who are most at risk of catching the disease be following the advice of the experts? What are those idiotically underplayed messages by Trump doing for this issue and the overall national response?

So much is coming on so quick… what might we see in the next few days?

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