Using yoga as a method of working out at home…

So, we are facing the panic of Coronavirus in the U.S., and you likely face the question of whether or not you should go to the gym or to your workout groups and classes. I know that it seems much more stressful when I’m at the gym and someone chooses to hop on the treadmill right next to me than I would be at other times.

What should you consider if you go to a gym that is typically quite crowded? Maybe you are already around a lot of people closely during the day and it would be easier to work out from home? There are many free options (if you have Amazon Prime video) to be able to complete yoga workouts for continued flexibility, toning, and strength.

With many of these being available at various levels and for lengths in series, such as some that have 30-day series of options that work for weight loss. Some of these instructors offer videos that help you learn some of the essential yoga poses that can best help maintain your physical activity needs while you are at home.

One thing to consider is the fact that schools are closing, companies are requiring or at least asking employees to work from home, and your schedule will require an adjustment to multi-tasking in many ways. Several of these include short workouts that can be completed at intervals between other things that you need to do throughout the day, and they can provide a whole body workout over the entire day.

I will tell you that several of these free videos are helpful when you need to work from home and your eyes end up needing a break from your computer or a short change in activity is needed. It is quite different when you are in an office and may get up from your desk and go get a cup of coffee, a glass of water, have a conversation with a colleague, or anything else, then making a quick change to being alone at home (or at least the only adult) and before you realize it two or even three hours have gone by and your eyes actually hurt!

So, these workouts may be something to think about. You can at least move around a little, and keep up with a little of your physical health while also completing your work during this sudden change in scheduling.

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