Winter wardrobe – searching the online clearance

Well, I will say one thing for this global warming issue, there isn’t much to suffer through during the winter months… at least not this year. I think we had maybe one inch of snow here in my hometown. There were occasional winter storms across the nation at random, but there wasn’t a real steady winter. I know I didn’t really need my heavy-duty sweaters or my winter coat very often. So, with all of that extra inventory, many different websites are popping up with amazing discounts on clothing.

Knowing what is happening with small businesses today, there is much to be seen from all of the online stores and retailers that are coming up. So much more can be seen than from places like Amazon, Google, and others that hold all the little guys.

Take a look at some of the commercials that offer help in picking out clothes for every shopper, both men and women. Some of them offer incredibly large discounts on name-brand clothing, shoes, accessories, and more. So many of these are able to provide a shopping resource for your own clothing needs, or even as shopping is needed for family and friends throughout the year.

Small business retailers are an easy way to contribute to something that I love, the Gig Economy and entrepreneurship. I admit that I love and support small business whole-heartedly. So, some of the websites that offer clothing retail online and may be able to help you find exactly what you’re looking for:


With hundreds or even thousands of other stores available globally it seems like the old-school shopping mall is completely empty. Large retailers are closing stores, selling everything from the products to the shelves, racks, and all other items. Every storefront is emptied, and only a few remaining spaces have a few shoppers at a time browsing around.

Hell, I’m guilty of it as much as anyone. I started to realize that I will only grab something from a real store in an emergency when I need it while I am out and about. Otherwise, the only real in-store shopping I do is for groceries. Almost everything else comes to my front porch in a box. Hmmm… where are we going with what I would refer to as the “millennial economy”?

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