Coronavirus: The government to potentially place funds into Americans’ hands

One of the most surprising things that showed up on the news today was the package that was presented in the press briefing about Capitol Hill releasing about a trillion dollars in total for both American citizens and small businesses. This is a projection to have some money in the hands of Americans in the next couple of weeks along with the needs of businesses as well.

This is surprising, considering the fact that the president has only agreed to the reality that this is a pandemic within the past few days. So, what will we all be able to do to help support the issue as a whole?

Are you working to stay at home as much as possible and follow the guidelines that have been put in place on social distancing? I know that we have a great deal to worry about in both the economic and health effects of this event, but there is the ability of the American people to pull through together.

I have a personal question to ask of some of my fellow non-Trumpers on this fact… Have we finally brought this overly cocky brute to his knees? Is he finally admitting the fact that there is the need to make a change in the points of the government and the country to which he pays his attention?

While Trump stated last night that he would rate his own response to this pandemic as a 10, there is still much more to be done. Will the government be able to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and get things moving?

Another man whom I don’t like to hear talk very often, Mitch McConnell, even spoke today about this bill, getting it passed quickly, and moving on the release of cash into the hands of the American people hopefully within a couple of weeks. Can we place our trust in the Senate, in the full government, to get this pushed through and active in support of the nation immediately?

Only time will tell…

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