COVID-19 updates by the hour

It’s incredible to see everything that is coming together among the nation to handle the virus that is happening around the nation. So much has happened so quickly over the past week that we are all on our toes constantly throughout the days.

So, what can we expect as we move on over the next few days? Are we seeing enough urgency from the federal leaders in order to place measures in place that will increase the safety of our entire nation? Will we be able to prevent ourselves from reaching the place that Italy reached ever so quickly?

I know that there are many questions to be asked, but there is much to be considered from the position that I have here from my little in-home position as a freelance writer where I view the world. I have grown used to watching the news regularly, but this has become much more realistic.

All of these questions exist. There may not be many more answers available as of yet, but at least some of the realistic questions are up on the forefront of the president and his team. He may not address the fact that he has completely shifted the message that he presented just a couple of days ago, but maybe we can all work together if the message sent from all channels becomes the same over time.


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