How has Coronavirus affected your life so far?

Given the complete chaos into which all of our lives have been thrown over the past couple of weeks, I want to hear your story!

There is so much to consider, with schools closed, colleges and universities moved to online instruction, many people working from home, and much more.

I know that watching the news right now, I hear a longer and longer list every hour as to what is being closed for the time being. All of the things that are changing throughout daily life have changed, from the way your job works to having a job at all.

Have you been forced to manage a job and your children’s studies at the same time from home? Is there a way to keep everything well-managed in any way at all? Have you found yourself in need of the help of neighbors or vice versa? Maybe you have a family member quarantined or even already facing the possibility of the disease?

I would love to hear about what people are already facing directly about this! I love others’ stories, as it is inspiring to hear what people are able to do in order to pull together to overcome this issue.


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