Just heard about Amazon offering 100,000 jobs immediately in response to COVID-19

With so many people now stuck in the house and worried to go out at all, there is much to be considered in regard to the acquisition of basic necessities for many people. And, while that may mean a great deal of business for online companies like Amazon, there is a need for additional workers to help keep orders processed in time with the promises that they make for Prime accounts.

I recently heard about the opening of about 100,000 jobs by Amazon with the addition of $2 per hour to help keep up with their increased business. I figured this may be of assistance to some of you who are on a break from work for the time being. It could be something for those of you, even if you make more than that on a normal week, it is something.

While the government is working on bills to help the people and to contain the virus, there may still be needs to claim some sort of income to take care of yourselves and your families. With so many different shifts and different jobs available, this is likely one option and it could be the same from some other companies that are working to meet the increased supply chain need across the nation.

I want to take it upon myself to share with you the news that I hear about anything that may help with learning either about COVID-19 or anything that may help you. I hope to hear from you as well!

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