Coronavirus Relief Bill Just Passed

We sit here waiting patiently for our federal leaders to take action against this virus that is working to break the spirit of our nation.

With the very dire nature of the economic response to this health collapse, we need tests across the country among many other supplies. However, there is one positive thing that both parties of Congress were able to agree upon… we need to have economic support for everyone across the nation when it comes to paying for a test, getting unemployment benefits, potential income, and other funds that will help keep life at least livable for most of the country.

Now, we just need to see those tests arrive here in America. While the completion of tests will make the numbers spike like crazy, we need to assess the truth of the situation. Once we see the reality of it we can roll up our sleeves and work together to take action.

This is not the time to sit back and blame other nations for sending the virus into America. It is not the time to claim that one person is more responsible than another for working to regain the health of the American people. We all need to come together, admit that this disease exists, and that there are things to be done by everyone.

Good luck to all of you… and I will continue my ranting and raving as I sit here at home with my computer like the relentless freelance writer I have been for so long.


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