Governors instructed to work on getting their own supplies, but…

Shouldn’t the federal government be rolling up their sleeves and taking action? Why is this the responsibility of governors and other state agencies to manage? Why should the states be stepping in at the head of leadership for the Coronavirus when it comes to testing and preparing hospitals?.

At this point, there is much to consider about the medical staff around our nation that are willing to care for the health of patients. However, there is so much more to the action that will be taken in medical facilities around the countries with all of those workers in close proximity to those suffering from the virus and each other as well.

Various locations are already running low on the protective gear needed by doctors and nurses, as well as the hospital beds and other equipment that are already needed. It seems to be so hard for all of these states to figure out how they will be able to get things like tests, beds, ventilators, and other needed items on their own.

So, there is much to see in what states like New York are prepared to do in order to alter the current limitations, along with the added capacity of staff that are needed to help work with the needs of COVID-19. Watching so many of the speeches that New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, there is much action to be taken and it has to be something that is done universally across the nation.

At this point will there be much more actually done by the federal government to help all states in need? As the American people face incredible fears about this virus, there is much to be seen about what all of these bipartisan efforts can do to help fight the disease much more than each other. It is great to see that both sides of the fence are starting to work together for what is best for the health and safety of the American people.

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