Large stores, retailers, entertainment venues closing due to Coronavirus

Macy’s, Disney parks, AMC, and hundreds of other large retailers are closing their doors to shoppers due to the Coronavirus. While this started in most places before last night, the most heavily populated cities are finally working to help enforce citizens to stay inside as much as possible.

Without those places to go, the population of cities like New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and many others may not all be on lock-down but there are many reasons that it is most important to remove the ability for people to go out and joint at those sort of locations. Even at the outdoor restaurants and other spots where people sit for their lunches have to close down the ability to dine in.

It is important to allow for take out or delivery and keep only the minimal number of people out and about in the community, there will be some improvement over time. Hopefully, these closes will provide a sort of indication that this is even more real than some people believed from the beginning. I know that it was hard to believe from the start that it would make it to the U.S. at the level that it has, but at this point it is important that we all take a look at the present, evaluate what has happened, and know that the numbers will go up before they level off and go away.

So, you can’t go out to the movies or go out to dinner? What else might you be able to do with that portion of your time? Maybe order in from a different restaurant right there in your community and support one of those small restaurants that have been forced to close its doors and leave servers and bartenders temporarily without work. Try out some of those free online yoga workouts or others that you can do and keep up your exercise without going to the gym that would typically be crowded with people after work.

If you think about it… you have the chance to enjoy some time at home. Maybe you can take a little of the efforts that you would do for your own entertainment and pay it forward a little for neighbors who could use a little help. Help teach a friend’s kids online? Share a meal with a neighbor?

There are plenty of things to do… take a little time to look up something that would be fun, and it may take a little creativity! To all of you, stay safe and healthy during this crazy and chaotic pandemic!

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