Supermarkets work for the benefit of seniors during troubling times

We all find ourselves in shock with images of empty store shelves, closed restaurants and shops, and much more. There is also a great deal to see in what people are doing for the benefit of others during these challenging times.

So many are finding ways to share with others who would more safely benefit from isolation. There are stories about supermarkets opening their doors early for seniors to shop alone with plenty of space between them and to get all of the items they need. There have been news stories of children playing music for older neighbors to help with entertainment during self-isolation.

It is amazing to see neighbors paying it forward in ordering or paying for food for those around them. Would you be able to find it in yourself to reach out to those in your community who need something? Maybe the kids who need their school meals delivered?

Some of the others who need to isolate because of their fear of having the virus or to remain safe from the virus, are you able to offer yourself and your skills up to the others around you to help fill those hours at home? It’s been interesting to see news stories about trainers who stand outside and lead community exercise classes for hundreds of locals who are on lock-down in their apartments for an indefinite period of time.

It is wonderful to see some of these nations standing at their windows and showing outright support of all their first-responders, medical workers, and emergency workers.

So, how quickly can the American people come together against this? Do we have the leadership from our federal government that is needed to come together as Americans against a virus that has the potential to alter our lives completely? We can only hope…

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