California’s governor is first in the country to take the most drastic action against COVID-19

Well, the data continues to grow and calculations appear darker as every day passes. Given the growth of 10x the cases of Coronavirus that have appeared across the nation in only six days, the governor of California sat down and took a look at the growth of patient numbers in his own state alone.

From this point, even after the Los Angeles mayor had already started the request of everyone to stay home except for essential functions, primarily for the health of their residents. While this was not indicated to be any form of martial law or enforced legal action, but it is a guidance to keep people in their homes as often as possible, and even if they do go outside to run errands, get food, or other needs, public officers will have a right to motion to people if they are breaking the guidelines that have been put in place.

Now, even only a day or two after this was put in place in Los Angeles County, the governor of California has decided tonight that it is the most important thing to do for the entire state as well. With the incredible increase of cases and deaths in their state alone, he has seen the ratio of cases that arise within the overall population could mean that hospitals would be overwhelmed very soon, with incredibly ill patients as well as many more deaths that could have been prevented by people simply practicing the “social distancing” that has been recommended for a decent amount of time now.

Let’s see if we can get the entire country to follow the practice the advice put into place by the CDC and stay 6 feet apart, work from home and stay at home unless you really need to go out, and work for the benefit of the nation as a whole.

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