Gyms are closed! Even when social distancing for the benefit of others, you can work out during the COVID-19 outbreak

Here is one issue that affects me the most… well, at least next to not being able to complete my work in the presence of others (while I am a teacher and a tutor at a local community college). I like my time at the gym where I can go use the quality treadmill and some weights and machines, but I understand that there are plenty of times when we end up well within 6 feet of each other while we are working out.

The closing of all these locations, from gyms to restaurants, bars, movie theaters, and other indoor spots has led everyone to start going a little stir crazy. But guess what? You don’t have to do so! There are plenty of ways that you can work out at home, even if you are not able to do exactly what you did at the gym on a regular basis.

There are free videos on Amazon Prime for things like yoga, Pilates, and other workout series. And these may be fun to learn and challenge yourself to try something new. Maybe login to your Amazon account and see what else you might like to rent or by for an online workout video, because you can certainly find some for just a few bucks here and there. You may do something like Zoomba or other dance classes, among many others that help you keep getting that physical activity that helps keep you moving and eliminate stress on a daily basis.

So go out there and search! You’ll be able to find something somewhere! Even with some of those free online TV Apps that are available from the internet device that you have attached to your television anyway. Take a few minutes to search around and I’m sure you’ll find something interesting that will help you keep moving as much as you already do! Good luck and keep it up!

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