Healthcare workers and Coronavirus

I admit that this is of personal concern to me, mostly because my mother is a nurse who is likely to face the situation of COVID-19 on the front lines. It scares me. I’m sure that many of you have the same concerns as well if your loved ones work in hospitals, labs, and other medical facilities.

Where do we go from here? While we have many social connections that have grown as a result of this horrifying disease, there is also something that causes isolation within a household while medical professionals worry about bringing the virus home to their family members.

At this point, there is so much to consider in the protective equipment that they need so greatly along with the many excuses that our federal leaders present in response to questions about the production of all of these items.

Has there really been a recent CDC update about the regulations and standards regarding the use of those masks and other required? Have they recommended on the advice of the CDC to now use bandanas for respiratory or facial protection during treatment?

This is something that is so amazing to consider. With a question like this being presented to the president and the Coronavirus team the potential to answer it is drifted completely off course. Nothing is presented about what the CDC has presented regarding the current status of how much equipment we have in the US and what is to be done right now while there is a great wait for production to be completed… they keep referring to what will happen to the future by the companies who are going to start ramping up production, but not what has been instructed for medical professionals to do while there will be a waiting period to get that new equipment in their hands.

Are we at risk of making things worse? Are we placing our brave medical professionals at greater risk? I can only hope that we are not…

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