Phase I vaccine testing for Coronavirus: We await notice of the progress

One of the most amazing things to see about the craziness that has come with the Coronavirus is that labs have been able to fast-track preparation for vaccines. It’s been incredible to see that here in the United States the first phase of vaccine testing has made it into the first group of study patients and the results are still yet to come.

It’s been incredible to see some of these volunteer study patients offer their time to the news and present what they are doing to help get this research moving along in such a quick manner. It is not like a vaccine can be developed in the blink of an eye, but if so many labs, pharmaceutical companies, and other medical research groups come together to start these studies, with people also stepping up to volunteer for these research studies, then we may be able to get these vaccines prepared much faster than those of the past.

So many of these patients are risking their own safety for the benefit of the rest of the nation, and we have much to appreciate of the work they have offered. Good luck to everyone working on this research!

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