The most important part of the American culture: We “Can” Make it Through This

One of the most important statements that I continue to hear on the news is the description of our culture as that of our AmeriCAN nature. Basically, we all have the ability to step up, and we all “can” do anything that we put our minds and hearts to.

We have the spirit to stand by all of those in our communities, be they friends, family, neighbors, or others in need, and we can all make sure that everyone is able to make it through this challenging situation. There may be a great deal of fear and panic coming down upon us right now, and that is likely spreading even faster than the virus. This means that we have the ability to work to keep everyone in our lives calm and comfortable. We can work together to make sure that life continues as close to normal as possible, even though we have had to slightly adjust our way of life.

Have you found yourself frightened so far? Do you wonder what may last and how long this will go on? Are you questioning your own ability to make it through this? I know many people have been pushed out of their offices, put on a temporary shut-down from work, changed to caring for children at home, and many other complete life turning.

So, have you thought at all about how you might be able to help others while you are going through this? Are there others who could use your help, like older neighbors who need food and groceries brought to them? At this point, we all CAN come together to keep the community functioning well.

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