Trump Administration Directly Received Working Processes on the Management of Pandemics from Their Predecessors…

So, it is important to remember that we have experienced other global pandemics within the past couple of decades. Now, we have a president who stands at a podium and tries to exclaim, “Who could have ever seen this coming?!” That’s just complete BS (I’ll try to behave with my language).

I recently watched a news interview of a member of the Obama Administration, where at least a couple of these situations were faced directly, at least in knowing of the previous Swine Flu, then the Zika Virus, and there was a required development of offices within the federal government to be able to manage these situations with quality and organization.

I must say this… WE HAD A PANDEMIC OFFICE IN PLACE ON CAPITOL HILL. He had it in his hands when he walked into the office of president and would have been prepared for any surge of illness that may enter the U.S. from another part of the world or that would even begin here. IT’S NOT A SURPRISE! WE HAVE SEEN THESE THINGS OCCUR AROUND THE WORLD FOR YEARS!

So, I admit that I hate writing in all caps where it seems like I am screaming, but I wanted to scream out loud as I heard that response of this member of the Obama Administration who had worked within these situations and then personally handed off all paperwork to her follow-up professional right there in a meeting as Trump’s team was set to take on their roles.

There are so many other issues that are just flooding my head right now and making me angry to a certain point that I think I need to calm down before I try to post anything else. But I want to hear from all of you!

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