An Ohio Restaurant and Many Others Nationwide Layoff Thousands

5,000 jump in cases of 24 hours… a case appears in the Vice President’s office… and there is much more to come. We have no possible idea of what life will look like a week from now. It’s a grim and dreary lifestyle change that we all must see, ORDERS TO STAY AT HOME. As of right now, it is only taking place in 4 states, but this spike in cases is starting to include the healthcare workers who must be available to care for those who are becoming infected with the virus due to all of those missing protective items and equipment for the hospitals.

At this point, we have basically reached the official reality of the Coronavirus and the comparison to what happened in many other countries around the world. Given the blase attitude of the president when this was first seen around the world, it was something upon the lines of a “hoax” and that everything he had done was “as perfect as the Ukraine letter.”

Well, we have much longer to go and it is going to take some work to keep our spirits up during this period. But we are Americans, and we “Can” do it! Considering the fact that many small businesses have been forced to close, or restaurants couldn’t keep things running with takeout and delivery, leaving hundreds or even thousands of employees in the dust.

So far this week, the nation has seen numbers so far in the unemployment office spiking sky-high, estimating about 2.25 million claims this week alone. The highest number in history. While the government is proposing an initial package to start support for the American people, the reality of the potential timeline we face on Coronavirus will need much more in order to help keep things reaching the point of a complete Depression and not just a recession.

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