Is the Coronavirus set to affect the 2020 election?

Well, we made an effort to make it as far as we could through the Democratic primary, until it was sidelined by the overtaking of Coronavirus in our nation. At this point, Americans may have to see the president’s response to such an overwhelming crisis in comparison with what the lead Democratic candidate has in response to something hanging so darkly over the heads of the American people.

At this point, Trump has been able to only rely on his presentation of the amazing economy that he has created during his time in the office. This includes many statements that he has overcome the horrible economy that was left behind him and changed the staff that he claimed to be best replaced by his “top” professionals.

Unfortunately, we find ourselves in a point like this now, when we all could have been taking much greater strides, at least on the medical and scientific end when the first cases reached American soil. Our government knew what the results of COVID-19 looked like in China, and even how quickly it had started in some other places like Italy. And our moron of a president still wanted to play this off as just another “Democratic hoax” being played against him, saying that it would just play out as the weather warmed up on its own.

Now is not the time to have a selfish and arrogant bastard standing on the podium in front of TV cameras yelling at journalists and painting a rosy light on something as grim as this dark warrior killing the American people. We need a real leader, and we need them now.

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