Patients Share Their Journey Through Coronavirus

Over the past couple of days, I have seen some interesting patient stories that accompany the tidal wave of cases that now flood the United States.

Last night there was an interview with a patient who has been in the hospital in Ohio for about two weeks. He faced early intervals of illness, and like many people have reported, testing was a challenge to get and it was a long time before he actually received a test for the Coronavirus. He started with a tickle in his throat, and then in just a couple of hours there is a cough. He then said it was followed by body aches and possibly a fever (he reported this as happening overnight while he was sleeping). Doctors and nurses were in and out of his room for several days thinking that he was facing pneumonia and in need of treatment for a specific type. However, a couple of doctors eventually came to him and honestly addressed the fact that this is the real existence of the Coronavirus. They told him to pray.

Another story from a man in California who was consistently blown off by his doctor for about four days without admitting the need for a test, he eventually had to take it upon himself to go to the hospital for a test. Finally, he received caring and supportive treatment from the nurses at the hospital. It is amazing to see the stories of the ways that some of these patients have to fight a battle against those who should be caring for their health just to get a test.

Pictures of many people simply being negative and acting like they are nowhere near it show extremely crowded beaches in many parts of Florida. Spring break vacationers are simply ignoring the Coronavirus and flooding the beaches, stating that they have the right to continue with their entertainment and vacation. Some of them were even interviewed and provided the response of “We don’t need to change our lives for something that isn’t here.”

In response to these patients, there are stories of young patients who fill about 20% of those emergency beds with people who have tested positive for COVID-19. Another story of a young woman who couldn’t imagine how it happened, but her symptoms started suddenly and she communicated online with her doctor, determined it was important to be tested, and then she was able to learn early that she had the virus and could get treatment.

I can only hope that all of you who may fear the symptoms after a couple of days have a doctor who cares enough about you to follow your case and make sure that you are cared for properly.

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