Sara McIntosh Freelance Copywriting response to COVID-19

Hey all! This message is to let you know that I am here for you.

I know you are likely having trouble adjusting to the crazy chaos placed upon the American population over the past couple of days. Given that I am a huge lover of small business, freelancers, and independent contractors, I want to let you know what I am here to do to help all of you get settled in to further online work.

If you are finding yourself trying to get everything set up on your website in a snap or even communicating with employees online, creating online ads quickly, or other activities that you could have taken a little longer to complete before, I am happy to help at a reduced price.

With all of this going on, I understand that you may have employees that have minimal time or are completely unavailable for the time being. There may be additional blogs or other content that you need to communicate with your employees, vendors, or customers, and this is the kind of content that I would be able to help you create quickly and quite affordably.

My intention for this promotional offer is to help all businesses battle this swift change. Please note that my fees will only be a small fraction of what I would typically ask for, and we can discuss that on a case-by-case basis. I am here to help you.

Best wishes to all upon staying inside for continued safety and health.

NOTE: I just came up with another offer for those of you who may have suddenly had a job swept out from under your feet. Or maybe you are just getting ready to graduate from college and have been moved to digital studies so that there isn’t a Writing Center or tutor group to help you with a resume. If you have found a job to which you would like to apply and don’t have a resume or would like to update your current version, I’m here to help you for FREE! Americans for Americans right now. We should all be helping one another!

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