The spike in Coronavirus cases over the past week… And even an hour or so

Raising from close to 1,000 to over 15,000 from Friday, March 13 to Friday, March 20 we have a great deal to consider what will come to our nation in the near future. NOTE THAT I WROTE THIS ONLY A LITTLE EARLIER TODAY. WE ARE NOW AT 16,500+ CASES NATIONWIDE AND ABOUT 215 DEATHS (from 208 earlier today). THE ONLY WAY TO STOP THIS SPREAD IS TO STAY AWAY FROM ONE ANOTHER NATIONWIDE! IF OUR FEDERAL LEADERS WON’T PUT THIS INTO PLACE, THEN WE MUST DO IT FOR OURSELVES! 

It’s hard to see if we are on the path to what Italy has expired. Plenty of areas of the country have settled in, following the advice of the CDC to work from home, practice social distancing, and only go out for essential needs. However, there are so many pictures of areas like several of the beaches across Florida with spring break vacationers packed shoulder-to-shoulder in a careless nature.

Imagine the fact that many of these people may not necessarily become sick from COVID-19, but if they have the potential of carrying it home to their parents, grandparents, or family members with underlying conditions fears continue to rise.

Additionally, we have a president who continues to brush off his responsibility as the leader of the nation to support the people who are in fear and anxiety more about the loss of income than catching the Coronavirus. By calling it a “Chinese Virus” and lashing out at journalists who ask for his response to Americans who are still afraid amid this situation, he is simply saying that there is no need for him to take action. He states directly that it is the responsibility of the states to do it for themselves and that the federal government “is not a shipping clerk.”

I’m sorry, but this sort of communication and response continues to downplay the reality of this virus. It adds to the fear and anxiety that much of the American public already feels when they can’t rely on the president or federal government to help rev up the medical system across the country for everyone.

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