Potential “Shelter in place” orders coming in certain locations to enhance social distancing during COVID-19

At this point, we know that four governors have done this across their entire states, and the nation is scrambling to catch up with the Coronavirus, a horrible pandemic that our government actually knew was headed for a massive wave worldwide after the first results in China were seen. We could have been so many steps ahead of this if at least a little preparation for the potential rush of cases that would make their way into the United States.

All of these press briefings now held on a daily basis, there are questions left open at the end of each of them. The president tries to deny every question about dismantling the pandemic office, or even his statements about denial of the virus’s existence as a whole.

Now, at this point state governors and even some hospital administrators are left to scramble up their own personal protective equipment to help keep the doctors, nurses, and technicians working on the front line to fight the battle against this invisible killer. Let’s face it, if we lose them to illness and they are unable to report to work, then there is no way that any of the people falling ill at the strangling grip of COVID-19 will be left without care.

At this point, the continual response to journalists’ questions of how many companies have been asked to make the masks and other PPE, more ventilators, and more. There are no solid answers for how many companies have been instructed to produce, how many are being made, and WHEN they will actually be ready. Without knowing all of this, all we can expect from this is that it will continue to spread like it did in China and Italy.

So, what can we all do? STAY HOME! We have seen the reports of these four states that have been led to the point of placing legal action in place, at least for 100% of non-essential workers to stay at home, and for the only activities outside of residents’ homes to be for essential needs (groceries and such… but stop hoarding!) and solo outdoor exercise.

These are examples that we all must take on. It’s a hard thing to adjust to if you are used to being out of your home for work on a daily basis, going out with friends for happy hour regularly, and going out on the weekend, but for just a little while we can all step up for the health of all Americans.

This is definitely a chance for all of us to come together for one another, and if you have elderly neighbors who need food or other essential items you have the option of running errands for them. Let’s face it, they are the ones most at risk. If you can find a way to entertain and chat with others online while they are stuck at home too, then you are bringing communication to them as well. I even saw a story a little while ago on a clothing designer who responded to leaders of New York and their request for volunteer production of masks. The mayor of New York will at least get some masks for his hospitals’ medical staff within the next week or so. Now that is what I would call a Good Deed.

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