What about COVID-19 testing? The number and processing of these tests?

Here is another one that I have to question thoroughly. For several weeks now we have watched Trump stand in front of reports and TV cameras that the testing was already available. He said that everyone who felt they needed a test would simply be able to get the OK from their doctor and then go get the test. He stood right there in the CDC in Atlanta and presented that claim to the entire American population. However, that has completely fallen by the wayside since that moment.

Basically, every state that has come to the point of being overtaken by Coronavirus cases has been scrambling to pull together enough test kits to help manage all of the people flooding the entrances of the testing locations that were built in parking lots or even the hospitals that needed to do tests as well. At this moment, there is much to fear by many people. This is even more so when they continue to have doctors who deny the potential of an actual case of COVID-19 and the presentation by many doctors that swabs may have been received while the other parts of the tests have not been received.

Much like the president’s dodging of questions in these press briefings, there is much to question when he claims that the lack of tests and the fact that “many” are being produced and will be sent to the states “soon” leaves everything up in the air. It just seems like the federal government is adding constantly to the Americans’ anxiety and fear around this pandemic and what sort of path we are on.

From a lot of data that has been released, we may actually be much farther behind this virus than we know, and as the next few weeks (or longer) continue and the number of tests only slowly begin to grow, the number of cases across the nation will only grow exponentially. Doctors estimate that the number of cases nationwide will continue to double every three days until we can start to catch up on testing and hopefully get people to stay inside and remain a safe distance apart when they go out only for essentials.

Good luck to all of you. Stay safe and healthy, and keep yourselves entertained inside your homes. It’s definitely tough, but it is possible. I promise!

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