Hopefully, the federal government works to save us from Coronavirus…

Over the past week or so, the president and federal government have continuously argued that state governors are responsible for their own orders of medical supplies. However, given the issues that have continued to arise in over the last few days, especially with a huge spike in cases over 32,000 and deaths over 400, there is much more to gain from the federal government bringing the support of the National Guard to the hardest hit states so far.

At this point, we even have more states requiring their residents to stay at home. It is important to be serious and for all of us to remember what we can do to prevent the COVID-19 from spreading greatly. While “social distancing” may not have been a common phrase in the past, we all know by now that this post has arisen throughout the world and our country as well. Everyone can stay six feet apart while only leaving the house for absolutely essential needs, and still wash our hands and maintain quality hygiene at all times. No matter what, we all have the potential to keep up with the truth of this virus as Americans together.

Knowing that there are medical supplies being produced, finally, with the numbers of some of them being shipped to certain states, we have much to rely upon the federal government and their support of the health of our nation as a whole. At this point, I hope that they would be able to plan ahead based on the data that comes from the medical researchers and scientists who can see what has happened in other nations and hopefully finding the resolution.

The most important thing that the federal government can do on top of actually keeping the production act moving, they can keep the honest data and support of the people from all of their presentations coming. There is no need to be overly rosy about how this is positive, and it is better to hear from leaders who provide their honest and supportive details about what can be done for those who are directly affected by the Coronavirus.

So, good luck to all of you… stay safe and healthy and make your effort to enjoy your time of “social distancing” right there in your own home!

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