Experts answer with “I don’t know” so often – So, what do we know about COVID-19?

Well, I have to admit that after watching the briefing held today there start to be at least some answers about what is about to be done by medical researchers around the country. Luckily, one of the best answers heard today is that testing will be increasing or improving here in the near future.

It has been presented that the self-testing option will soon be available, hopefully ready to ship out sometime this week. With people able to collect their own specimens at home and take them to labs for evaluation could open up space in hospitals and keep our nationwide medical staff much safer.

There have been so many “I don’t know” answers over the past couple of weeks when it comes to interviews regarding the status of this pandemic in our country. This may be one of the best ways that doctors and researchers all across the nation can tell us that a plan is being reached for compiling national data in response to the Coronavirus.

With medical care and studies needed in order to plan for the future of this disease, its journey, where it is most dangerous, and who may be at the greatest risk, there is much more to be understood. It has been recommended by some doctors that we can see from the methods taken by South Korea in collecting data that we would be able to start progressing on the effects of the virus. With proper data coming from actual cases as well as the different drug studies that will start this week, we will be able to start catching up on the journey that COVID-19 is making across America. Hopefully, at that point, it will be under much better control.

However, right now we are all best to continue with patience and hope as our nationwide medical professionals and researchers work to study medications to help recover from COVID-19. No large trials have been completed on the drugs most recommended publicly in daily press briefings by the president, and now it is important that we move forward in support of our country as a whole.

I have to say that watching all of this I am now more emotional than ever about seeing a challenge that has been brought upon our country. I only hope that our leadership can work together, and come to some agreements in the VERY NEAR FUTURE for the benefit of EVERY AMERICAN. At that rate that COVID-19 is spreading throughout our nation, it could leave all of us with some sort of scar in our lives.

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