Surviving the Coronavirus: Life in general, outside of illness

Survival today is one of the most frequent news reports that come in response to the Coronavirus pandemic that is starting to flood our nation. Considering the challenges that hospitals are reaching in the many cities and states that now have spiked greatly, it can be seen that there is much more of a risk in getting medical care if the virus were acquired.

It has become stated quite clearly by several, including the Surgeon General, that this week will only get worse. Many who see the activity of COVID-19 in some of the central locations like New York City and some other locations including the fast spike of cases and deaths, the need for maintaining “social distancing” in order to prevent the spread of the virus is the best way for thousands more of us to survive.

The question remains as to whether it would be better to have a national control about a sort-of lockdown and a better activity of the federal production bill. Considering so many states that have found themselves price battling against locations around the globe in order to get all necessary medical equipment leaves some of them close to running out long before they reach the heaviest batch of Coronavirus patients that need quality medical care from healthy caregivers. And if we run out of equipment that these professionals need, then we will lose them to isolation as well.

So many interesting ideas are starting to come from small businesses and ways that they can support local hospitals with the production of things like masks and gowns to even face shields that were printed from 3D printers. It is great to see what these people are willing to do with their skills and equipment to help the rest of the nation get through this pandemic. And in order to help reduce the risk and pressure placed on the medical industry, it is the most important for people who can stay at home to do so. One of the most important things at this point is to prevent the massively fast spread of this virus.

Maintaining a safe distance from others is quite important, and that can be hard to do when it is a change from your previous lifestyle, but it is valuable. It is most important to carefully keep at least 6 feet between yourself and others when you go outside to exercise or walk the dog. The same distance needs to be maintained if you go out to pick up food or take care of some essential errands. Hopefully we can all work together to slow the spreading of Coronavirus by following the instructions that have been supplied.

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