The FED offers recovery to “Ghost town” of the economy resulting from COVID-19

Well, we have the government leading into a vote for the support of the American people. At this point, however, the FED actually placed a completely separate offer on the table for some businesses and banks nationwide. It was interesting to hear this morning the details about all of the financial support that would be offered for relief from current loans. There is also improved support for small to medium-sized businesses regarding easy access to grants or affordable loans in order to either stay in business during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Considering their view of this being an entrance into another Depression, the FED did this in order to keep businesses from firing their employees because of the closed doors that so many face. It will be most helpful for many situations in addition to that, including the mortgages and other credit needs. With this being separate from what the Senate is working to finish, there will be an incredible improvement for how well the checks that are intended to come from the government relief to pay that basic bill needs for the people who are temporarily unemployed.

With all of this, there will be a much better ability for businesses to reopen after the pandemic finally reaches a slowdown and daily life can return to the norm, reopening would be easy. It would be much more affordable once those low or zero-interest loans are received, or even the grants that could help even more. For businesses of all sizes, this would be helpful to keep the public focus at this time on the health and the safety of the American people and then uphold business needs later when everyone is ready to get back into play.

So, we have the vote from the Senate coming early this afternoon, and we can only hope that both parties will finally be able to come to an agreement on an issue that is far beyond politic debate at this point.

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