Frontline workers speak out as to what exists in the face of COVID-19

We definitely have a great deal to worry about in the healthcare workers who are testing and caring for patients who may have the Coronoavirus, but there are also many others who worry about being out in public on a regular basis. With so many different retail and other employees still living out in the world that is flooded by a tidal wave of COVID-19, they face the risk of exposure as well.

At this point, I recently heard that some Amazon warehouse employees have tested positive for Coronavirus, leading to much more concern about the safety of filling those jobs. While they have offered great upgrades for those who would come and fill in for this troubling season this now provides a fear for taking on those jobs, especially for those who go home to take care of elderly parents or live in a home with high-risk family members.

Even more than that, there are even many more retail workers in locations like CVS, grocery stores, and other locations that are still full among the Coronavirus outbreak. They have plenty to worry about while not being separated from the risks that come along with COVID-19 as it spreads throughout the United States.

These workers have plenty of time and effort out there in front of the public, facing the risk of this virus. It is great to know that they are willing to keep all of these things for sale for the rest of their communities while they are at risk of catching Coronavirus due to the many ways that it can be transferred. So, good luck to all of them!


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