So we should finally see the result of the Senate vote to the Stimulus

Okay… at this point I admit that I have had CNN on my television while I sit in front of my laptop on a daily basis, even more so than any normal day in the past. This whole Coronavirus pandemic has my eyes glued to television and internet news for what may be happening, where it has reached the U.S. the strongest, and what the government will actually step up and do about it.

It’s amazing to know that without the support coming from the government financially, the results of this pandemic could end up putting our nation in another situation like that of The Great Depression back in the 1930s. There is so much to consider with Trump wanting to open the economy much more than care for the health of Americans nationwide, so with the government having reached this agreement for a package there is hopefully also going to be a passing vote very quickly tonight. There will be the hope that the House of Representatives will also vote tomorrow, with the hopeful possibility to get the stimulus sent out as financial support for Americans during this horrible pandemic.

Now, I can sit here waiting to see what might happen as I continue to wait for the official Senate vote… especially given the several days that it has taken for an agreement to be gained first between the two parties and the administration. I’ll pause for a moment, and share this with you as soon as I see the answer here on the news…

And now, it’s 11:25PM on Wednesday, March 25th… with the Senate finally starting to vote. As we face over 65,000 cases nationwide and more than 930 deaths, the overall effect of this across our country, whether your day job was shut off, or if your business was cast into the shadow, there is the potential to help every American who faces these tumultuous times. And it passes soon upon this final step into their meeting… and the House will vote in the morning. The entire nation should feel plenty of support in expectation of what will be done to help us all get through the next few months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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