Federal product output still greatly needed for COVID-19… Status?

At this point, we all know that there is so much to be added to the medical locations of our nation, especially with all of the hospitals that are drowning under the weight of the Coronavirus pandemic. So many of these hospitals have amazing healthcare workers that no longer have the amount of safety equipment needed to keep themselves and their own families protected from the cloud of COVID-19 that has overcome our entire nation at this point.

It’s incredible to see how speedily that New York first exploded with a number of cases and deaths, while there are still plenty of other states that are on the point of an immediate spike in the number of cases. As we now enter the range of about 80,000 cases nationwide and well over 1,000 deaths, it seems that we have to consider the protection of those medical workers who are so needed to make it through this. However, there is so much more to question when the idea of re-opening the entire nation for business by Easter.

So, where will we be in the near future when it is actually important to have social distancing upheld in order to flatten the tidal wave of Coronavirus that is in the process of taking a huge toll on America. So many other states are starting to see an incredible surge in cases in their cities and states, with Louisiana being one of those as well as Washington and California. Even having heard the story of a 17-year-old boy who passed away from the virus.

Now, there is so much more to be concerned with the medical industry and what they are doing to keep our nation healthy and clean. In some places like NYC there are more and more first responders left out of the field as they have fallen ill. There is so much more to consider than the need of essential ventilators, masks, gowns, and much more in order to care for every corner of the hospitals where these patients lie. Those who are carrying them from home to hospital are facing this virus so closely.

We can only hope now that the act is finally put into place that will prevent the market from being overrun by price-gauging and causing governors to battle with one another. So, do we have all of this coming to the states in order to take care of their hospitals, medical workers, and the nation as a whole?

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