Are we close to testing more frequently? Faster? …Just MORE?

OK… we arise at the question of whether or not something like improved testing will be available to help America overcome this horrible Cornonavirus pandemic. We were all told right there on many news programs that there was a faster testing kit that would be available this week and would make its way around the nation to help the healthcare workers do their jobs. However, we haven’t heard anything more at this point as to when these tests will arrive or if they have even been shipped out.

What more can we look forward to for the safety of our healthcare workers? I am sure that plenty of you have doctors, nurses, and many others in your family who may work in healthcare or even as first responders taking these patients to the hospital.

At this point, we all know that there is a need for COVID-19 tests to help gather the data that we will be able to use to evaluate the spread of the virus, how it spreads, and possibly how it could be treated in the future.

We can only hope that this will actually play out soon for the benefit of our entire nation! I know that many of you out there are already facing this pandemic in one way or another, and could use this data for the safety of your family members and yourself.

Maybe we should all share the message with our federal government in the increased work they should provide for healthcare workers, first responders, and everyone nationwide who are under the danger of this virus. At this point we can hope and pray for the best for everyone, believing that things will eventually get better. Even more, maybe we will see heightened action taken to help catch COVID-19 at its throat and hopefully start to

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