COVID-19 progression recognized in the UK, even more by the Prime Minister

Just this past week news was released that the United Kingdom was finally working to lock down or at least initiate more of a practice of social distancing throughout their nation. Even more, today it has been released that Prime Minister Johnson has tested positive for COVID-19 along with his closest healthcare advisor. I could only imagine the fear and dread that would impose upon the entire nation as they watch their leader, who is supposed to be the one walking them through this pandemic with support and care, suffer the despair of the virus directly.

As many reports have come on around the nation, we have watched so many people explain the very troublesome details of what they faced when trying to stay home in quarantine in hopes of repair. There are so many people who would only be able to hope that their nation would be on a positive path out of this pandemic when it is able to take over the life of their Prime Minister so suddenly. That has to be a real eye-opener for the reality of this virus.

I know that there are many things about Coronavirus and the way that it has progressed for three or four months now that leave questions up in the air that so many people hope to have local, state, and national leaders answer for them. These leaders are the ones who should be working directly with scientific and medical researchers to help find the solutions and not stuck behind closed doors hoping to survive COVID-19 and its harsh effects.

While so many nations, including the United States, spent a certain amount of time facing the initiation of the Coronavirus as something that would never cross the ocean to them. Having spread to so many countries across the world, it appears that there is a lot to do, and we can all do this for one another. It is likely that the virus will continue to spread, leaving no one unaffected in one way or another. It may take a long time for it to make its way around the world, but there is no reason to simply wave off any nation or group of people as not worth the assistance that could help support their own battle against this horrid pandemic.

At this point, even more than working together here in America, we should all be working together globally to help one another address the issue, and all do what we can to find a resolution.

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