Stimulus package… what we’ve heard. What will we see?

Okay… I know that I write a lot about COVID-19 and everything that is going on right now, especially with the basic collapse of our entire nation that is coming in the wake of this pandemic. Both health and economics, the American people have plenty to fear. With the news on regularly, I love to share the different points that I hear with all of you. This is one idea that is almost questionable considering the fact that it has been indicated that these funds will be handed out to all taxpayers based on their income levels.

It’s pretty clear that if you are single and earn $75k or less you will receive 1200 dollars. Now, I just found out that this will be spread out over two payments of 600 each. So, that’s no big deal. But, should we all trust that everyone is going to get this? I mean, we have over 3 million people who filed unemployment last week alone. There is so much to be done in regard to supporting states that will have to process and all of those claims immediately.

Now, we all know that the support of the federal government is really the only thing that could keep the results of this pandemic from putting our nation in another situation like that of The Great Depression back in the 1930s. There is so much to consider with Trump wanting to open the economy much more than care for the health of Americans nationwide, so with the government having reached this agreement for a package there is hopefully also going to be a passing vote very quickly tonight. There will be the hope that the House of Representatives will also vote tomorrow, with the hopeful possibility to get the stimulus sent out as financial support for Americans during this horrible pandemic.

Luckily, the House of Representatives passed the package right away yesterday morning and sent it over to the president where it was signed as well. So, we can only hope that the support of the American people and our small businesses will receive their benefits in the very near future, helping to keep us all confident and moving along safely. While we are at a rate of over 111,000 cases of COVID-19 nationally with more than 1,800 deaths, we have the responsibility of working together as a nation to stop the virus from spreading. The best thing to do is to stay at home, practice social distancing, and be as careful as possible. Good luck to everyone!

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