Further Recommendations to Stay at Home… The numbers continue to climb the charts

As we enter April here in the United States, the spike that our medical industry faces with the hundreds of thousands of patients in dangerous symptoms, the Coronavirus is a flood, a tidal wave, taking over the lives of many people nationwide. There are so many valid questions that exist regarding the potential number of cases, deaths, and other dangers that may result from the spread of this virus. Seeing the exponential growth of COVID-19 cases and deaths that have already occurred in New York and so many other thriving hot spots, all Americans now have reason to worry about every step we take outside our homes.

Even though April Fool’s Day would typically be entertaining and fun between friends and family, we now sit around staring at reports of what may be the greatest risk regarding Coronavirus for all of us. All day long there have been so many considerations of what we may be able to do as a nation, in addition to social distancing, to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Over the past couple of days, estimates of long-term Coronavirus deaths throughout America have been presented as being 100,000-200,000, but could it end up being even more than that? People don’t seem to want to follow the instructions of social distancing at all, no matter what their governors say.

At this point, the number of cases nationally reaches almost 24,000 with over 5,600 deaths across the nation. Given the incredible spike that continues, there is much more to be seen in what would help to slow the curve… with one of the most common questions being asked of the presidential administration and the Coronavirus task force about the initiation of a national stay-at-home requirement.

With the hope that we could keep Americans from traveling around the country by any method, it would be much better to help with our national health and safety before worrying about the continued improvement of certain industries like the airlines and other travel and tourism industry businesses. It is hard for some people to believe that we have so many more things to worry about right now than how long it will take our economy to recover, and even the help that it would provide to complete an entire national lock-down for the safety of everyone across the United States.

So many of us are stuck at home, away from work, putting our lives on hold, and trying to alter everything based upon what is best for everyone else in our lives. Therefore, I would think that the president would be able to put his own desire of raising his political position at the head of the nation in relation to the development of the economy, available jobs, and much more. There would be so much more response with the American people if Trump would put his own desires and hopes to the side and make it clear that the people of this country are more important than his political role in the White House.

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