It can happen to you as well… to all of us!

boris johnsonWell, we all heard about Prime Minister Johnson from the United Kingdom having been diagnosed with Caronavirus a little over a week ago. That means there is no limit to where this virus will attack… and there is no limit to where its danger will stop. PM Johnson has now been hospitalized for his illness, leaving the people of the UK with much more to worry than even the people of the U.S. have been directly fearing based upon the messages that have been presented to us by our leaders.

Even here in the U.S., we have had many celebrities and well-known individuals already fallen victim to COVID-19 who have faced their own need to acquire testing, treatment, and face independent quarantine. So many of them have presented the challenges and difficulties of their battles with Coronavirus to news reporters, opening up the limits that have come to everyone who can’t seem to find even the slightest amount of care.

Then the question of testing arises even more throughout the United States… Have we been testing enough to determine the speed of spreading that the virus is making across our nation? Reporters keep notifying the American people of how far we remain behind other nations on how much testing we continue to do. covid America

What would it take for American researchers, medical professionals, and government agencies to increase testing across the nation in order to trace the statistics of its presence EVERYWHERE? Why do we have to keep hearing the message from the president (over top the medical team that is working to battle the virus) that he wants the areas where there are almost no cases visible to be re-opened for the benefit of the American economy? What are we possibly going to lose by this constant reference to the importance of the economy? Any ideas from all of you?

From what I can see… the more people, both everyday citizens and leaders of our nation, who fall victim to COVID-19 leave our nation at much less potential to recover from the economic downfall it has already created. Without workers to reopen businesses and go back to work, there will be no one to earn money, spend money, or get things up and moving again. Anyone else have ideas about how we can work together to prevent even thousands or millions more Americans from Coronavirus? With something that we can all do to stand up for what is most important to help with prevention: social distancing.

Can we all find a way to stand up to a president who seems to be downplaying the health of the American people in favor of the economy? What would you do to speak out here online? I’m happy to work with everyone else to start a movement for the health of our nation… as it is needed ahead of the economy.

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