Combining Self-Employment and Home Parenthood

As the gig economy builds incredibly, there is much to consider with the growth of self-employment and entrepreneurship in the United States. Considering the high amount that any of us have to pay for childcare, even when we face single parenthood, there is a great amount of savings to be had from working at home while your children are young.

There are several different benefits to taking on self-employment, no matter when it can be done. Sometimes this is something that provides extra cash, and other times it is an option to gaining additional work experience to be placed on that resume in order to start moving up the ladder on your own.

Maybe you even think that this could be the potential to learn about this work for yourself if you have been laid off in the recent, overwhelming initiation of the Coronavirus decision. Have you questioned much more about what you could do for yourself to improve your life and income on your own if the government is not able to come to an agreement for support?

Sometimes there is a benefit to having one smaller job, maybe that doesn’t pay as well but provides insurance or other benefits while taking on a freelance or gig role that is more along the lines of the field that meets your passions. Sometimes as a new freelancer, you take on the field of an entry-level professional without the ability to charge enough to pay bills with that work alone. Unfortunately, those initial roles, either a full-time office position or freelance on your own, often pay at a minimal rate. It takes time to gain the experience and knowledge that is accepted by the upper levels of any company to help pay the amount that leads to saving for retirement and other needs.

Therefore, one of the key costs that can be cut or at least minimized during the early days of parenthood includes childcare. Not everyone has a grandparent who is retired and can babysit during the day. There is also the need to make sure that a child is well-cared-for during the day, and there is not always access to a quality childcare center that is close to home and within your budget. So, the option of working at least part-time from home can help to provide a great deal of savings over time.


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