Unemployment continues to skyrocket among Coronavirus cases…

As of week three in the economic shutdown, just over 3 million more new unemployment claims have been filed. This increases the total national number to 16.8 million jobless claims in three weeks. We know that COVID-19 is a health pandemic, but there is much more it is doing to the American people at this point. It is breaking their lives, even more so than our national economy.

At this point where are we going? Will Coronavirus continue to take American lives and money alike? Do we have a president who is willing to save all aspects of American lives with his legislative powers? Or does he only want the economy to look nice and rosy for his upcoming election campaign?

I know I have been thinking more and more about Trump’s goal of bringing the economy back to life, especially in relation to this being the factor that was more important to his positive response in an election year. I have to wonder if he is willing to risk the health and lives of Americans to get that “economical boost” that he thinks will place him back in the White House.

There is so much that Congress can do to help supplement the economy while the lives of the American people are kept as the primary focus of our government. However, there is still some reason that our president refuses to admit the darkness of this pandemic and the fact that the strength in which it overtook our nation has the potential to keep us at minimal economic capacity through the summer.

So, what can be done to further work for the American people? I’m sure all of you have seen that the most recent rush bill submitted by GOP Senators has been turned down by Democrats in the House of Representatives. Hopefully, at this point, we can rely on the Democratic Representatives to weasel some factors into another COVID-19 bill to help support the income, healthcare, and bills of all the American people in need during these troubled times.

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