Celebrating Easter in the Clutches of Coronavirus

So, it’s Easter Sunday again… and here we all sit, in place, in our homes all across the United States. It’s hard to picture that as a way to celebrate a day that usually involves candy baskets, family dinners, and so much more activity and excitement! Don’t let Coronavirus take all of that away from your holiday joy.

easter2Have you been able to come up with a way to have that annual Easter egg hunt right there at home? Maybe it can be done without the ENTIRE family… no doubt! You and the kids have every right to take Easter for yourself, and find every way to have fun on your own! No matter what COVID-19 is doing to our nation, we all have a right to remain positive and fun… together. Remember, we are all in this together.

I know that here for me, even though I live alone and have no one to enjoy the day with other than my dog, the weather was at least warm enough for a nice jog outside, some leftover pizza from last night, and a beer. Hey, I might as well celebrate with a day for myself, much better than the typical work that I load on myself during a typical weekend.

easter3Have all of you been able to come up with something fun for today? For this weekend? I know that finding entertainment while being locked inside your house can be almost torturous, but it just takes a little creativity. I know that I am thinking about possibly coming up with a “hunt” for my dog where she can search the backyard for treats that I hid for her. And, even without a yard, you are able to do simple things like hiding the eggs and the candy around the house for the kids to find, and still having some delicious food delivered for a fun, in-home family dinner!

There is no reason to give up on these wonderful holidays, celebrated with the closest family that is already right there in your home. Take advantage of it! Enjoy it! Have a blast today!


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