How many millions of COVID tests are truly needed?

So, news reports have shown that the United States has only tested about 4 million patients in total for Coronavirus, even though the president continues to enforce the idea that we are testing much better than the rest of the world. But, is this even close to enough? In comparison to what other smaller countries have been doing on a per capita basis, have we even made an effort toward forward progress against the COVID-19 pandemic? It seems that is not the case so far.

Many reports present the need for a million Coronavirus tests completed daily in order to truly lead to a victory over the battle against the pandemic. Given the amount of arguments expressed by governors across the nation, there is much to be concerned about with the lack of testing supplies available.

How will we be able to get all of those quality, approved tests available in the quantity that can lead to victory over COVID-19? It’s hard to picture, especially with the need to complete many different stages of testing, tracing, and other needs to make sure that we can hopefully knock the pandemic to its knees.

In addition, there is much to worry about in the possibility that a second wave of COVID-19 will enter our country in the fall or even a little earlier. Will we be testing well enough in time to prevent or at least slow the possibility of a second wave? Without more extensive testing, and the movement of some states to open up their businesses too suddenly, the first wave may not even completely close down.

I have to say that there is so much more to learn about the different tests that are being approved by the FDA and hopefully being produced in mass here soon. Let’s all hope for the positive testing as much as possible, so that we have the best improvement in the medical research community on testing for more than active cases but for those who have antibodies in their systems. Let’s keep our eyes out for all of these!

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