Exhaustion from Quarantine

Okay… I will admit that I am going to make this short and sweet. I’m sure that like many of you out there, plenty of frustrations need to be released from my mind, especially because they keep me from being productive on a daily basis.

I have to say that first I have found my brain completely exhausted from everything surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic. I am more than happy to hear about it in the news and hopefully hear the truth about it, but the daily briefings that put Trump on a stage trying to emphasize his popularity and power make me even more tired of him as a person than ever. What about the rest of you? I mean, who cares about how many views his stupid briefings get? It’s not REALITY TV! The American public wants to hear about the scientific research and data that shows where the disease is heading around our nation, not about how much Trump hates journalists and wants to yell at them during the briefing.

I can only assume that most of you feel like me, not wanting to hear about Trump’s cross-functional beliefs when it comes to COVID-19 across the American population. He wants to say that he has the right to make all the decisions in the world and overrule any governor’s decisions if he doesn’t agree with them. However, he wants to place the responsibility on governors to acquire medical equipment, decide when to open, and make all other key decisions. This way the president has a way to be the glory savior in the event that something looks bad or may lead to a poor result, and when everything goes well he is the high-quality, glowing leader on top of the mountain.

OK… this is just my rant and rave for what I have inside my head about to explode right now. It’s hard to even think about doing any work while all of this continuously sits on the TV in front of me. I know that I want to remain educated about what is going on in our nation and make sure that the health of our people is on the way to improvement. But with a president who wants to act like he knows everything and has all the authoritarian rights in the world is absolutely breaking my spirit at this time.

What do you all think?!?

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