A question of Literacy

You know, at random the topic of literacy came to me today. Especially given the fact that I just turned in my very last paper for my MA in English, with my graduate (online) ceremony taking place this Saturday.

Oddly enough, while I was outside on one of my long runs today (as I have been able to do for about a month and a half now) where I had plenty of time to think about what I will now be doing with my time. I know that I can’t run for 12 hours a day… 2 are more than enough!

banned books 4So, I finally realized that I am NOW ABLE to choose MY OWN BOOKS for the first time in about two years. I thought about the fact that I am not quite like many other people, as this would likely not be the first thing to enter their minds upon graduating. Most people would be thinking about where they would work, how they would get rich, where they would take a vacation to celebrate, anything else! But, given the state of our world today really all of those things simply involve a transfer from my computer here inside my house to the elementary school parking lot across the street for my daily workouts.

Needless to say, I am getting back into really good shape rather quickly at this point. booksThough, there is something more I want for my mind. And I realized it all of a sudden. I can read all of those smutty women’s novels that I absolutely love! The ones that I want to be able to reflect in my own writing over the coming years! I can study the work that I love. Be it feminism, sex, comedy, anything else that I love… I get to make the choice of the book that will go into my hand. And in the middle of a 2-hour run, I had the biggest smile in the world on my face!

Got any book suggestions for me? I’ll be shopping for them soon!

Any of you authors out there want me to read and review your books? HEY… I’m your girl!

Shoot me all the comments and links you want!

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