Disbanding the task force?

But have we even reached the peak of cases in the United States? Do we even know how many deaths will be faced in our nation? And this is a good reason to wind down the task force that includes medical and scientific experts about the methods of handling the virus?us cases

I have to say that this is a reason to bring more questions than ever…

And again everything about his actions may be spread around by his aids as being essential or focused, and he states to the media that he has political reasoning for acting out against “Never-Trumpers.”

So, where does our nation stand in the effort to actually disband the disease itself? If we don’t have a portion of our leaders who are assigned the task of ensuring the health and safety of our citizens, the risk of further disease and death could continue to rise. Possibly back at the exponential range that we face all through the month of March.

Will we be worse off than Italy? We are already about a third of the cases and deaths resulting from Coronavirus throughout the world. How much worse could it get?covid hospital

Are the lives of Americans a valuable payment for the attempt to rebuild the economy? No one is going to be able to run our nation’s restaurants, retail stores, and other businesses if we are all sick and in the hospital. The only true industry that will be left without workers available to run our economy will be the healthcare workers that won’t have a minute off work anymore. Then where will our nation end up?

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