Interesting note of “whiplash” effects of COVID-19

As we have just entered May, there is much to learn about the way that COVID-19 has turned our nation upside-down. It’s hard to believe that Trump and certain other leaders seem to make this seem like such a minor issue and one that will be overtaken in the blink of an eye.

Some amazing things have to identify as having taken our nation’s status downhill with the entrance of Coronavirus include:

  • Unemployment at almost 15% nationally in April
  • Deaths grow from 0 to 75,000 from February to May
  • And over a million cases throughout the nation

Basically, as we make up at least a third of the world’s Coronavirus cases and deaths, there is much more to worry about among the population of the United States.

What do we consider with leaders who seem to brush off concerns about the severity of the disease?

What about the use of testing? The messages that our leaders send to the people of the nation? Will we have the ability for these businesses that re-open to test their employees on a daily basis like the White House has provided for its staffers?

It seems like there is no way to anticipate that the improved treatment of the disease and the ability to remove it from our nation while still pushing for the economy to jump-start back into place. There is basically no parallel for these two options…and we have a president who wants to offer this as the most important thing to do when it will include the sacrifice of thousands more American lives!

Will the election be the only action the American people have to help take action for quality recovery from COVID-19?

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