Going stir crazy in the new world…

Up all night watching Netflix series… “Dead to Me” has a new season and now I can’t turn it off! Anyone else been in this same place recently? Becoming the person you never were before? I have a feeling it’s happening to all of us.

I guess there is something definitely positive about the ability to go outside running for about two hours almost every day, but it still raises the question of the new “normal.” I can’t imagine what we will all have to do in order to recover from what the Coronavirus has made of our universe. And this is not the universe around our planet, but the entire environment in which we live.

It is almost impossible to imagine what the next level of reality will look like in our nation and world. What things will ever be like again. I know that I have been able to work from home for a long time now, but I have many of things that are already part of my regular freelance work routine.

I have to say that this is the most intense TV show ever, and the second season is even more magnetic than the first. I have chills all through my body at 4 in the morning, and I still can’t turn it off and go to sleep to save it until tomorrow.

This is something about the way the world has changed up until this moment! 2020 has become this world turned upside down, and I can only imagine that it will keep spinning in circles until we all fall on our asses.

Something about the entire energy, the gravity of the world has completely reversed itself. It’s like there is something that will completely put us all in a completely different place in the near future.

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