Happy Mother’s Day Around the World!

I have to say that there are many of you mothers out there who are probably exhausted, even before you were stuck in the house with your kids who weren’t going to school and had to try to be the teacher and working mom at the same time for 24/7!

So, there is a reason to thank all of you and everything that you go through to make sure that your homes maintain a certain level of sanity and also keeping the chaos out. It’s hard to believe that there is only one Mother’s Day throughout the year, especially knowing the amount of work that moms do to make sure that their families are all growing in the most positive nature. th (1)

I admit that I am a mother myself, and I am lucky to have a wonderful young man as a son, and those years while he was a little “no” boy were as challenging as many of you may be facing right now with your kids…especially with the requirement of 24/7 motherhood. We have to admit that one requirement of motherhood is being able to take a break from it every now and then!

So, take a breath and enjoy today for yourself a little while! You are all beautiful inside and out, and you are bringing up the next generation of people who will run our world. Hopefully much better! Smile, and appreciate everything you are doing for them.

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